Why B-School Tutors?

Top-Notch Tutors


Over the last five years, we've serviced thousands of individual tutoring sessions. Our carefully selected private tutors have excelled in their respective courses. They offer hundreds of hours of tutoring and teaching experience to help you reach your academic goal. They understand the material inside and out and can communicate it clearly. They are committed to helping you understand it as well, whatever your learning style may be.

1-On-1 Tutoring


Unlike many on-campus tutoring services, students will have the tutor's full attention. All of the tutoring sessions are 1-on-1, student and private tutor. This allows for the freedom to ask any questions that need answered and to learn at a your own pace. These private sessions also allow a tutor and student develop a strong bond as they work together to maximize the student's potential.  We tutor many courses including: Business, Finite, K201, Calc, Econ, and more.

Flexible Scheduling


After booking your session, a tutor will reach out to you within 24 hours (typically much sooner) to schedule the first session. We will always find a time that fits into your schedule. Subsequent lessons are scheduled directly between student and tutor. Tutoring sessions are held at public locations, including: libraries, residence halls, and other student buildings. 


We are IU Bloomington's top rated tutoring service for business school prerequisites.


Christine G.

K201 and Finite

"I used B-School Tutors both semesters my freshman year and it was incredibly helpful! They were open to helping with multiple courses and were very flexible with times and meeting on campus. Would definitely recommend!"  

Sam M.

A100, K201, W131

"B-School Tutors is what helped me get through Freshman Year. They helped me in a wide variety of classes from A100, K201 and W131. All the tutors were very flexible for my schedule and were very easy to meet-up throughout campus. I would highly recommend using B-School Tutors over any other tutoring service in Bloomington."

Kyle E.

Finite and Calculus

"Being able to aid me in a wide range of courses, B-School Tutors made it free to me to ask for help in really any course I took. I really recommend this group of tutors to people who struggle in their courses because of this and their flexibility."

Noah K.

E201, E202, Finite

"B-School Tutors helped me understand the material in all of my tough classes. I recommend B-School to all my friends struggling with various subject matters. Thank you B-School."

Christy S.

K201 and Calculus

"My B-School tutor helped me immensely in M119 (Calculus) and K201 (Computers in Business.) They were very flexible and accommodating in terms of scheduling times and location. Overall, B-School Tutors helped me a lot and I highly recommend it to anyone who is struggling in a class and needs the extra help."

About Us

B-School Tutors was founded in 2015 by a Kelley alumnus with the idea to start a service focused on tutoring and mentoring students taking business prerequisite courses.

Whether you are directly admitted, trying to get into the business school, or taking a business prerequisite, help from B-School Tutors could be the difference maker you're looking for - and we're happy to help. We are committed to pairing you with an expert tutor and offering an exceptional tutoring experience.